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Introducing BigBikeAds - A crowd advertising idea that’s not so crazy!

Love riding your bike? Is it a passion? Don’t you feel “free” when you ride? We believe that riding your bike is the best thing you can do for yourself and your environment. So, why does no one reward you for biking to work, or risking your life to visit your friends? And what’s up with the discounts only for buying something when you ride your bike to get to their store, restaurant, or whatever? Why does nobody make riding your bike more rewarding? Well, we have an idea. An exciting and challenging idea. An idea that cannot be copyrighted and trademarked. It’s an idea to change people’s behavior. An idea where the benefit is to you by supporting an advertiser that is a carefully selected “ethical, local, green” company, with a great product or service (and basically has zero ad budget), and you the bike rider get to help the causes that really matter to you! And without having to buy something! How does that sound?

So get this… your bike is constantly in the public’s eye when you lock it up. Sometimes it will just sit the for hours on end, and people will mosey on by sometimes stopping to admire your bike. How do we know this? Just on Tumblr alone there are tons of “Bike” pics tagged and plenty of them are just parked and locked up. Which is perfect for advertising. That’s BigBikeAds. We founded bikebike this year to make a difference. We started this to become the Chasm Crossing agency (and help the little guys win some for once). Many of us love our smartphones and apps, and games like angry birds, but before all that was hot, the bike was king. And we at bigbike believe that advertising can be a much better experience than it is today. And rewards came be better than just buying something. Ad what about the ads? YES - the don’t have to be all just ugly qr codes and 99 cent specials… They can be art again! Highly creative and nourishing! With you help advertising can be fun again! So we need all the pro “ethical, local, green” bike riders in every major city and beyond to come together in this grand experiment to transform “biking” for you into an extra rewarding experience.

We still have a lot of work to do. We have a lot of rewards to invent. We have a lot of people out there we need to reach in order to truly make a difference. But we won’t stop until you simply love BigBikeAds.

If you like our idea, please contact us @bigbikegroup!

And also let us know of companies we should support. Thx & wish us luck! We’re on our fourth cup of coffee when we wrote this! Pls “reblog” this post, too!